The 2 Winning Tickets for a plane ride

in this year's Twilight Air Show are:

007095 and 006620

We have the Winners, Please do not call

And Thanks to everyone who purchased a button
for this year's Shrinersfest! Hope to see you there!!

Welcome to the Hadi ShrinersFest
June 11-15, 2014

Take a look at the preview of this year's events:

This year we are planning many new activities:

Hydroplanes are Back!

Buy a Button and you will have a chance to
Win a plane ride in the Friday or Saturday night air show!
2 Winners will be selected for a plane ride
Buttons available at Old National, Regions, First Federal,
Torres Insurance Agency, and Hadi Office

Attend Mike Harvey's Road Retirement Party!

Live Bands including

Rhino Jones & the Weapons of Mass Dysfunction

Evansville Hydroplanes LLC will be selling limited edition buttons for the "Turbine vs Piston" unlimited hydroplane exhibition during the 2014 Shrinersfest. The buttons will represent each the two teams vying for bragging rights in a challenge for the Four Freedoms Trophy. The buttons are $10 each and will be available at the pit entrance. Buy one to show your support for your favorite team or collect both. They are sure to be a keepsake.

Buttons only needed Saturday and Sunday from 9 am - 5 pm
and for Entrance to all Bierstubes




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